Downloading / Printing

Yes! The fastest way to edit your the log is to directly edit the downloaded spreadsheet. You can easily edit or delete values very quickly and the formulas will self-adjust as you update the sheet. To edit the mileage – Column H (“Distance”) can be updated and the Odometer readings and Totals will automatically update accordingly. You can also delete entire rows and the log will shrink automatically.

If you need to update your Odometer – edit the Starting Odometer values (cells C12 and D12). All other odometer values in the log are based on these Starting Odometer values.


Once you have completed making your mileage log you will want to save a copy to your computer for your records.

NOTE: Only paying ExpressMileage members can download entire logs.

1. Click the Download Log button on the left of the screen.
2. Select Print / Download Log link
3. Choose the log you would like to download and delivery method  (Email / Download) for your log
4. Press Submit button to receive your log

Our Excel files are generated using HTML web formatting.  Microsoft recently updated newer versions of Excel to issue a warning if a file is in HTML web format but has an .xls extension.

The file is safe to open.  You can click “Yes” and the file will display.  You can also download the file in PDF to prevent this Microsoft Excel warning from appearing.

The website interface is awesome for generating driving logs but certain driving log requirements are best suited for editing within the XLS Spreadsheet.  For example, if you need to have your log read an exact Odometer reading on certain dates.   In this case, adjusting mileage values is more efficient if you edit the XLS (Excel) spreadsheet file directly.
To edit the distances – open the XLS file in Excel (or Google Sheets) and adjust Column D (“Distance”).  Because the spreadsheet is built using formulas – when you adjust a distance, all of the subsequent values for your Odometer will adjust accordingly.  So, you might do a “split” window in Excel and watch the desired date  (ie: Feb 15) and adjust previous drives to hit the desired value: 88073kms.