Help! I’m being audited by the IRS. Can you help?

ExpressMileage helps customers who are being audited by the IRS on a daily-basis.  To date, we’ve helped thousands of customers successfully respond to IRS audits.

Building a log with our system takes a matter of minutes – which means you won’t have any problem meeting the IRS audit submission deadline.

Driving logs created with ExpressMileage meet IRS mileage log standards.  This means they contain or exceed all of the required information the IRS defines in their Travel, Gift and Car Expenses publication 463 ( ).

Our driving logs can be easily updated and edited within Excel or Google Sheets.  They do not contain any dates (“Date Created” or “Date Modified”).

Get started making a log today!  Please contact us if you have additional questions regarding making your mileage log for your IRS audit.


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