Driving Log for Sales Reps

As a salesperson you put a lot of miles on your vehicle for business purposes . Sales representatives often drive hundreds of miles each day visiting and servicing their customers. Both employed and independent sales representatives are eligible for mileage reimbursement on their vehicles. This reimbursement  Is a way to compensate you for the wear and tear, fuel, depreciation and maintenance expenses associated with operating your personal vehicle for business purposes.

If you are a sales representative driving your personal vehicle for business purposes such as sales meetings, sales visits, follow-up visits, installations,  repairs or any other business-related purpose – you can be reimbursed for your driving. For most sale representatives, this reimbursement is a substantial amount of money.

Take Tamera, who drives 80 miles a day for her pharmaceutical sales rep job.  At $.58 per mile,Tamera can claim $11,600 in tax deductions on her taxes.  You can easily see how valuable this tax deduction is to a sales rep.  It is one of the largest tax deductions available for sales representatives.

So what does a real estate agent need to claim this valuable tax deduction on their taxes?

In order to receive this extremely valuable tax deduction you will need to carefully and diligently track your  vehicle mileage. This means logging each and every drive every single time you utilize your vehicle for both business and personal travel.  The preferred method for logging your driving mileage for business is a spreadsheet in chronological order. ExpressMileage generates logs that meet or exceed  the IRS requirements for mileage logs.  

This needs to be an IRS compliant format log that contains the following information:

  • Date of each trip
  • Mileage driven for each trip (roundtrip okay)
  • The location for each trip (general “Los Angeles Metro Area” is acceptable)
  • The business purpose of each trip (ie: “Sales Meeting” or “Driving to Customer”)
Get Started! - Create a Mileage Log

No matter if you are a medical device sales rep driving a Telsa or a farming equipment sales manager driving a Ford F250, this tax deduction is a vital component of your overall work compensation.  Ask yourself – is it easier to earn an additional $10K – $20K or simply create a mileage log and take the tax deduction you deserve?

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