FREE Mileage Log Template for Excel

So, you want to make a mileage log the old-fashion way?

These FREE Excel Mileage Logs contain everything you need for a compliant IRS Mileage Log. Fields include: Date, Destination, Business Purpose, Odometer Start, Odometer Stop, Miles This Trip, Expense Type, Expense Amount.  Yes, everything you need to make a mileage log the slow and painful way.

Simply fill in a new entry for each drive you take and this log will calculate your total mileage and your mileage deduction for the year based on the most recent IRS mileage deduction rate.

If you’d prefer a handwritten log, we’ve also included a FREE PDF mileage log that you can print and write on. Sharpen your pencil. Pour yourself a cup of strong coffee.  You’ll be lucky to make a mileage log by next year!

Psssst.   Here is a tip….

There is a MUCH FASTER way to Create a Mileage Log!

Download Free Excel Mileage Log Template

Mileage Log for Business – Spreadsheet

Mileage Log for Business – PDF Version


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Q: Why are people using ExpressMileage to create mileage logs?

A: Because it is the fastest and easiest way to create a high-quality mileage log!


See a sample of an ExpressMileage mileage log – PDF and XLS available

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