I’m in Canada. Can I used ExpressMileage to create a driving log to submit to the CRA?

Yes.  ExpressMileage’s logs meet or exceed the CRA’s requirements for driving logs.

The CRA only specifies that you display a log of BUSINESS driving – not PERSONAL.  You will still need to know the number of PERSONAL driving KMs in order to calculate the “Calculated Annual Business Use” ( % ) – but according to the CRA, only the BUSINESS drives need to be logged.
Please reference this for more info:
Our driving logs have additional columns not needed by the CRA.
To remove unnecessary columns (Distance Value, Tolls Parking, Total) – these can be removed by opening the spreadsheet in Excel or Google Docs.  Then simply select (highlight) all cells in each column and right click and choose “Clear Contents”.  This will remove the columns and not impact the formulas.  You also may consider deleting or “Clearing Contents” of the Business Deduction Rate and Business Deduction Amount columns.
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