What is the difference between Business, Personal and Personal Commute drive types?

Business – Drives made using your vehicle for business purposes.  The Autopopulate system will place these drives on non-blackout (holiday or non-working) days.  These drives are able to be multiplied by the “Cost Unit” ($ per Mile / KM) to calculate total driving value.

Personal – Drives made using your vehicle for personal (errands, shopping, family..etc) reasons.  Personal Drives will be added to ALL dates on your calendar (including blackout dates) during the Autopopulate process if you specify Personal Drives to be added to your log.  You must include at least one drive in the “Personal” Category during the Autopopluate questionnaire for the system to generate Personal drives on your log.

Personal – Commute –  This is a special category of Personal Drives that occurs at the beginning and end of each Work day.  These drives represent commuting to your workplace and from your workplace – which is not considered as Tax Deductible driving by the IRS.

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