Allowable Medical Care Expenses

Medical expenses deduction is one of the tax reasons why you need to track your miles for your trips. It is known as the Medical mileage deduction. You also have to know what is considered as Medical care expenses that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) approved and make sure you are using a reliable mileage log maker that can help you provide your mileage trips. Keep in mind, supporting documents are always needed for verification purposes. 

Aside from that, you need to make a mileage log for your medical travel, it is crucial to track all your medical costs but you can deduct only the amount if you meet the adjusted gross income (AGI) threshold. Little do you know that there are medical expenses ignored, and some of these will be listed below. You can also check the details at IRS Topic No. 502 Medical and Dental Expenses.

  • Alternative Treatment Method

Alternative approaches like, for example, acupuncture. This is unquestionably tax-deductible. There are other kinds of treatment options that may also be considered as long as it is prescribed by a doctor.

  • Specialized Equipment

Any items required for a handicapped or patients with the condition are tax-deductible such as wheelchairs, bedside commode chairs, and shower chairs.

  • Costs for Babies (Newborn)

Breast pumps and other nursing items that aid in lactation are tax-deductible. If your infant formula requires a prescription, you may be able to charge more than the normal formula price. Diapers are not included.

  • Cancer Patients’ Wigs

People who have a serious illness and lost their hair like a patient with alopecia and those who have cancer and undergoing chemotherapy can deduct their wig’s expenses. 

  • Diabetes-Related Expenses

Whether it is Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes the cost of blood-testing kits, which include blood strips and batteries are tax-deductible. Also, insulin, even though it is not officially classified as prescription medicine.

  • Conditions Related in Eyes and Ears

If your insurance does not cover vision, the expenses of eye exams, prescription eyeglasses (a reading glass or sunglasses), contact lens insurance, and contact lenses are deductible. Same with, Books in Braille.

The Laser-assisted Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) is also deductible for eye surgery as it is used to treat visual issues. Those who have hearing problems can deduct the price of hearing tests and hearing aids. Batteries are also included.

  • Lodging for Medical Treatment

If the treatment is not within or near your area, a hotel stay of up to $50 a night is deductible. If a parent is required to accompany a minor kid getting treatment, the per-night cost restriction applies to both parent and child ($50 + $50 = $100/night). This discount is only applicable to accommodations, not food but still a good privilege.

  • Treatment Programs for Rehab

The expense of inpatient and outpatient treatment plans for medical problems such as drug and alcohol addiction is deductible.

  • Participating in a Medical Conference

The cost of attending a meeting conference (covered expenses are, entrance and transportation) on a chronic disease suffered by the taxpayer or dependent or a spouse is deductible. However, meals and lodging are not included.

  • Home Renovations

It is deductible if you add permanent disability-accessible facilities to your homes, such as wheelchair ramps, support bars, railings in restrooms, alert systems, doorways, and stairways that have been modified, modified cabinets, fixtures, and outlets. If medically needed, these are completely deductible otherwise only medical equipment that does not enhance the value of the house is deductible.

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