Making a driving log is crucial for your business operation. The fact that you need to record everything in case you need it for tax audits, you get to monitor also the performance of your employee drivers. The most popular methods for recording your mileage logs are by using an online mileage log maker. One of the most recommended tools is ExpressMileage because of its reliability and exemplary functions. If you’re looking for a system to maximize your profits while minimizing your stress and cost, then you are on the right page.

This is a popular technology and it conveys greater responsibility to employees working within Hours of Service compliance restrictions and being compliant with the rules means less risk of fines and a better bottom line for the company. It records a driver’s time while on duty or driving which makes everything more transparent and easy to monitor your drivers’ behavior.

Benefits are: 

  • Online driving logs take less time to fill out at the beginning and end of the driving day. Everything is simpler and quicker as and when it comes to logging the details and you are done in a matter of seconds.  
  • The online record is always up to date and always available for checking and analysis purposes. You can quickly and accurately cross-check all the details that have been logged and make sure that everything is controlled properly. 
  • It will be easier for an auditor to read and check because everything is organized and properly documented.
  • The real-time, up-to-date data provided is filled out correctly and electronically stored will never be lost or misplaced. 
  • With the reduction of paperwork such as logging-in manually for drivers, more time will be spent on the road, putting more money in your business and saving up costs.
  • Improve driver behavior and performance. With mileage log maker, you can store data on reckless driving practices, such as fatigued driving, speeding, and inaccurate log entries. From this information, employers can discuss problems and re-orient drivers from bad driving practices to prevent violations that can lead to fines, FMCSA or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration audits, or even more serious, an accident.
  • Online mileage log increased accuracy. It is one of the great advantages because you get to monitor the exact record of the distance driven or actual miles or the driver has total spent behind the wheel. Having accurate records could help you in determining the vehicle’s fuel performance.
  • Easier tracking of Hours of Service spent. This will help you to have absolute details and an easy way to monitor the HOS usage of your drivers. This is very beneficial for your resource planning methods because you get to know which drivers are good compliant and affect your business operations.
  • Faster Payroll checks during salary. With precise data given it allows you to quickly calculate the wages of your employee drivers.
  • Diminish administrative responsibility and onto smooth operation. The system features make it easier to share and store. Accessible on mobile phones, laptops, ipads, or tablets. With an online mileage log, you will be able to get freed of all the hassle pretty fast and conveniently. 

The ultimate goal of mileage log makers is to ensure that the driver doesn’t spend more time behind the wheel than he’s legally permitted to and that everything is worked properly. This system intends to ensure accurate details and that drivers are following rules to avoid any future problems especially during tax audits.

ExpressMileage can provide real-time reports on speed, stops, location, and engine analysis, and instantly inform your drivers when it’s approaching the end of their driving time. This can make a significant impact on your company’s overall safety, financial, and operational performance. 

How does express mileage work? Our mileage logs meet the requirements of the IRS or Internal Revenue Service and include the date, starting/stopping odometer readings, starting/ending points, trip purpose, and any additional trip-related costs (tolls, parking). Membership Plans are incredibly affordable. You can visit our FAQ’s page for more details.

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