Tips for using Autopopulate to get exact driving log distance

Our system will generate very close to your total numbers – as long as you follow a few simple rules.
1)  Start with a clean (empty) log.  Otherwise, you’re adding additional distance to your log. (see How to Delete Log)
2) Be sure you adjust your Ave Drive Distance and Ave # Times (day/week/month) to increase the Totals to meet or exceed your target driving distances.
3) “Trim” your log.  If you have exceeded your target distance in previous step (#2), the system will ask if you want to trim your log. This removes excess distance from the log and attempts to get as close as possible to your target distances.
You may have to add/delete drives after a log is generated to *exactly* match the totals you are trying to achieve.  (see Adding Drives or Deleting Drives )
Category: Creating Your Log