2019 IRS Mileage Rates

The IRS has not published rates for 2019 – perhaps you are looking for the IRS 2018 mileage rates?

Create a Mileage Log in Minutes

ExpressMileage is a web application that helps you create a mileage log  for reimbursement and tax purposes. It simplifies making a mileage log by using Autopopulating your mileage log based on a few simple questions about your driving habits.   ExpressMileage logs are in an IRS compliant format.


Here are the 2018 IRS Standard Mileage Rates:

IRS Mileage Rates
Year Business Rate Medical or Moving Rate
2018 54.5 cents/mile 18 cents/mile
2017 53.5 cents/mile 17 cents/mile
2016 54 cents/mile 19 cents/mile

Need to make a mileage log?  Make one today using ExpressMileage!

ExpressMileage makes IRS compliant driving logs with all of this information.  All you need is 5 minutes and your starting odometer reading for 2018 and we will do the rest!

Ready to make a mileage log in 5 minutes?  Make one today using ExpressMileage!


Make a Mileage Log in Minutes

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