New and Improved – Mileage Log Accuracy

We’re proud to announce we have greatly improved the accuracy of our mileage log generator. Over the past 7 years, our software has become the best in it’s class for instant mileage log generation. Our log generation algorithm was recently enhanced and now generates logs within .5 miles of the total target values.

Creating mileage logs is complex. Our system creates driving logs with recurring events, various types of drives, holiday dates, no-work dates and multiple vehicles. Whew…

How much more accurate is ExpressMileage than before? Great question! We were using an algorithm that generated within 3-5% of the total target mileage. On a 30K mileage log thats between 900-15,000 miles off the target driving log value. We’re now able to say with confidence that our system is accurate within .5 miles of the desired business and/or personal driving distances. That’s a massive improvement! Swiss watch-makers would be envious.

With thousands of satisfied customers, we strive to continue to improve our service and deliver the best quality mileage log generation system possible. If you need an accurate mileage log that matches your tax deductions – we’re here to help. It is completely free to generate your log using ExpressMileage. You only pay as and when you have a perfect, accurate mileage log that meets your needs.

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