Generate a Mileage Log in 4 Minutes


We wanted to show how quick and easy it is to create a mileage log using ExpressMileage. In this video, we create a mileage log with several common driving activities: Client Visits, Errands / Supplies, Meetings, Meals & Entertainment.

The vehicle is a 2010 Honda Pilot and has 36819 miles on the vehicle at the start of the year.

In 4 minutes, we created a driving log with the following content:
679 driving events
35492 miles
$19165.68 in total tax deduction value ( @ $.54 / mile )

This mileage log is fairly generic. It has repeating events on several different days. If we would like to make this more natural – we would want to add additional drives to the log using the Calendar. We also could add a small amount of variance to the log.

Try it for yourself. Create your own mileage log in 4-minutes or less!

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