Top 10 Reasons to Make a Driving Log

#10 – Be Proactive, Not Reactive – Having a driving log in your possession for each year you take the tax deduction allows you to be prepared in the event of an audit or your accountant’s request for more information.  Be on top of your documentation and make a driving log using ExpressMileage.

#9 – Align Your Log with your Taxes  – When you take the driving reimbursement tax deduction you are required to document Starting and Ending Odometer readings.  By having your driving log already created, you will be sure you enter the exact driving log odometer readings on your tax forms.


#8 – When it Rains, It Pours – If you do end up being audited, the IRS will ask for an enormous amount of information to be provided in a very short period of time.  During the response time, you’ll have your hands full trying to piece together all of the requested documentation.

#7 – Because the IRS Says So – The IRS states clearly that you must keep “an account book, diary, log,  trip sheets, or similar record”  (IRS p463.pdf, Page 24 Chapter 5) in order to take the driving reimbursement tax deduction on your taxes.


Create Driving Log Now

#6 – So You Don’t Forget – Many people tell themselves, “Oh, I’ll just create that driving log when I have more time.”  A few months pass and then a year and by the time the next tax season arrives you’ve forgotten to log your driving.   Then what do you do when you file for taxes the following year?   You tell yourself, “I’ll take this deduction and make sure I create a driving log this year!”  This procrastination might roll-over year upon year.

#5 –  Contemporaneous Logging – Oh my!  That is a $5 word – contemporaneous.  You need to have a “timely record” of your driving.  Creating a driving log that most closely resembles your driving for the year immediately is going to be far more accurate than waiting a year or more to create a driving log.

#4 – Driving Logs in the Cloud– ExpressMileage allows you to save your driving logs to our server – which is far more secure and robust that your laptop or computer storage system.  Our hard drives don’t walk away or get lost.  Our servers are secure and backed-up using the highest industry standards for data security and integrity.

#3 – Get Familiar With ExpressMileage – By making your driving log using ExpressMileage you will familiarize yourself with our driving log system.   Each time you need a new driving log – you can trust our system will work the way you expect it to and you will be able to make your next driving log faster and

more efficiently than the first time.

#2 – Creating One Driving Log is Easier Than Six  – It is much easier to create a single driving log for a 1-year period each year than try to create multiple logs


#1 – Sleep Easy – Knowing you have a driving log created for your taxes will give you the piece of mind to relax and sleep easier.  Do you really want to wake up at night and think, “Oh shoot!  I really need to make a driving log.  What if I get audited?”


Create Driving Log Now

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