Mileage Logs for Canada Revenue Agency Audits

Canadians rejoice!  ExpressMileage can generate driving logbooks for your tax and audit purposes that meet or exceed the CRA’s requirements.

The CRA makes it easy to claim your kilometers for business.  You first need to establish a baseline driving model by capturing your driving distances in a driving log for an entire year.  This driving log needs to contain the following information:

  • date
  • destination
  • purpose
  • number of kilometres you drive.

Thankfully, driving logs created by ExpressMileage exceed this requirement.   Our logs also contain odometer readings for each drive.  Since the Canada Revenue Agency does not require cost per kilometer to be calculated – you can simply remove this column from the kilometers log you download from ExpressMileage.

Once you’ve established this baseline logbook with 1 year of driving history, you can then use a 3-month sample logbook to foresee the future business use for the year – as long as your usage is within +/- 10% of the baseline driving log and the amount of business vs personal usage remains relatively the same between years.

Those in a audit with the CRA may need to produce up to 10 years of driving logs to support your case.  Using ExpressMileage, you can generate a driving log for the 1st year and then download the log to your computer.  Next,  just simply delete the current log within ExpressMileage and generate a new driving log for each of the remaining years.  Create log online. Download to computer. Delete log online. Repeat.


Please contact us if you have any questions.  We’ve helped thousands of Canadians create driving logs for the CRA.  We can help you too!


Need your own driving log for CRA? Try making one today!


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